Public urged not to buy fireworks on open market

31 Dec 2013 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – Police officers on Tuesday morning confiscated fireworks from a street vender who was selling it along Independence Avenue in the capital.
The fireworks were sold for between N.dollars 10 and N.dollars 30 to members of the public. These fireworks were apparently obtained from a local gun shop.
The vender was fined N.dollars 600 for selling fireworks, as selling fireworks on the street contravenes the Arms and Ammunition Act 7 of 1996 and the Explosives Act 26 of 1956, according to the City Police.
City Police Chief Abraham Kanime then warned the public not to buy fireworks from street venders, but instead to buy them from a shop.
“One needs to take responsibility and know that buying fireworks in public is quite dangerous. You don't know the condition of the fireworks – whether they are in a good and operational condition, and in case it is not working, you will not know where to find the seller,” he cautioned.
“Buy them from a shop so that when the fireworks are not working, you can return them to the trader or ask for an inspection,” advised Kanime.