Nicanor justfies N.dollars 43 million spent on Nujoma’s house upgrades

04 Apr 2019 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 04 APR (NAMPA) – The N.dollars 43 million Government spent on the renovation of founding President Sam Nujoma’s house forms part of the benefits and privileges he is entitled to and is not exorbitant.
This is according to Swapo spokesperson Hilma Nicanor, who briefed the media on what she called a “political agenda aimed at tarnishing the good image of our founding president and by extension the Swapo Party” here on Thursday.
The media conference was called after the Swapo political bureau had a meeting on Monday to discuss the alleged “attacks” on Nujoma by a local daily newspaper that carried a report on the matter.
According to Nicanor, the money spent on upgrading Nujoma’s private residence was budgeted for and rightly forms part of privileges befitting a retired statesman as enshrined in the government policy.
She was reacting to a string of media reports stating that the government spent between N.dollars 43 million and N.dollars 70 million to refurbish the retired president’s property.
Nicanor said such reports were malicious.
“The Swapo Party political bureau would like to unequivocally rebuke, reject and denounce such malice and irresponsible reporting with all the contempt they deserve,” she said.
She further rubbished assertions that the money could have been used for other, more pressing needs instead of on upgrading Nujoma’s house, saying Government had already allocated funds for national demands.
Nicanor went on to agree with a sentiment held by a senior leader without mentioning the name, that “Namibians are so unthankful”.
“The cost that government incurred to renovate the house of His Excellency Dr Samuel Shafiishuna Nujoma is equally a right to Dr Nujoma to be cared for by his government. There is in no way we can claim that the cost that went into the renovation of the house would have been used for poverty (because) government already has programmes to address the poverty issue in the country,” she said.
She also dismissed reports of a rift between Nujoma and President Hage Geingob, saying they were “an imagination of confused minds”.