ADDITION: Harald Fuelle appointed CEO of NPL

04 Apr 2019 11:40am
ADDING: “a dismissal that was later changed to a resignation by the Office of the Labour Commissioner.” TO FOURTH PARA.

WINDHOEK, 02 APR (NAMPA) - Harald Fuelle, the former acting chief administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, has been appointed as the chief executive officer of the Namibia Premier League.
He was appointed on a one year term and assumed duty on Monday.
Fuelle has a vast knowledge of local sports, amongst others having served as chief administrator of the sports commission for six months and working as general manager of the Hopsol Football League.
The Premier League has been without a CEO since April 2011, when Mathew Haikali was sacked by the NPL Board of Governance, a dismissal that was later changed to a resignation by the Office of the Labour Commissioner.
Tovey //Hoëbeb, who was the NPL’s human resources and finance manager, was appointed as the league administrator after acting in the CEO position.
Speaking to Nampa on Monday, Fuelle said he is looking forward to his new role as CEO of Namibia’s elite football league.
“I am looking forward to adding my knowledge and skills to all the hard work Tovey (//Hoëbeb) and Lorraine (Gowases) have been doing,” he said.
Fuelle said a lot of work lies ahead of them as they plan on making the league attractive to supporters, as well as the corporate world.
Andre Gariseb was also appointed as the NPL’s marketing and public relations officer for a one-year term.
//Hoëbeb told Nampa on Tuesday having a CEO and public relations officer is a step in the right direction.
“As the secretariat we 150 per cent support the move to appoint someone in this position. These were the areas that were long overdue but with their appointment, the division of duties will now be done fairly as in the past I was overloaded with a lot of things,” he said.