Windhoek Rural residents lack basic services: Inga-Ita

03 Apr 2019 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 03 APR (NAMPA) – Windhoek Rural Constituency Councillor, Penina Inga-Ita on Tuesday expressed concern over the plight of people living at settlements and farms that form part of Windhoek’s rural areas, saying they have no access to basic services.
Inga-Ita was speaking during the handover ceremony of gardening materials donated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation to the Nauaspoort Youth Gardening Project at the Nauaspoort settlement.
The donation was made through the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service.
The councillor said residents of the rural areas on the outskirts of Windhoek are living in deplorable conditions with no water, electricity or toilets, exposed to unhygienic situations and health problems.
Further, most of them are unemployed, while some just turn to alcohol.
Inga-Ita added that some people live on private farms and the owners of the farms are not collaborating with the government to provide basic needs to the inhabitants of these areas.
“The situation is made worse by farm owners who refuse us entry into their properties to reach out to people living on their farms to give them the services they need,” said Inga-Ita.
The councillor gave an example of a farm located east of Windhoek alongside the road to the airport, where approximately 600 people live without electricity, water or ablution facilities but when her office tried to provide them with these basic needs, the farm owner refused with no reason.
Chairman of Nauaspoort settlement, Kenneth Eixab at the same occasion said he is more concerned with the challenges facing young people, who are supposed to be productive at their age but now have nothing to do and subsequently resort to alcohol abuse.
“My biggest problem here is the high number of children dropping out of school and start roaming around doing nothing. You see teenage girls falling pregnant and putting their parents under pressure to raise their kids with their little monthly pension grants,” said Eixab.