Street vendors at Otjiwarongo secure selling point

28 Mar 2019 19:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 28 MAR (NAMPA) – Thirty-three street vendors in Otjiwarongo who used to operate from the Otavi Open Market, have secured a temporary selling point after they were removed by the municipality.
The vendors who sell meat were relocated to Jakaranda in February this year, but they were unhappy with the new location as they said there is too much competition and they are making less profit than before.
At a meeting convened by the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, Otto Ipinge here on Wednesday, the Otjiwarongo Municipality’s Strategic Executive for Community Services, Agatha Mweti explained that the Otavi Open Market is private land purchased for more than N.dollars 4 million by a private businessman.
“The new owner wants to develop the 6 347 square metre piece of land, which cannot happen if it is occupied,” she said.
The vendors, who also attended the meeting, said their products used to sell faster at the Otavi Open Market, near the traffic circle on the Otavi road, as travellers from different regions would buy the meat in bulk there.
They also complained that Jakaranda is overcrowded, with more than 100 other vendors selling the same products and said they want to operate from a location which is more strategically located.
The vendors further said some of them would previously make N.dollars 300 a day at the Otavi open market and called the new location a “waste of time.”
They went as far as to say they are prepared to go to jail if the governor and municipality fail to find somewhere new for them to operate from.
Ipinge thereafter insisted that the vendors at least be moved to a temporary location and a piece of unserviced land near Indongo Toyota, not far from the Otavi Open Market, was then identified for them to operate from.
The municipality agreed to avail it for free while they look for the funds to build a public market.