Rehoboth murder, attempted murder case postponed to April

27 Mar 2019 16:20pm
REHOBOTH, 27 MAR (NAMPA) – A 45-year-old man arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder last month, made his third appearance in the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
Manfred Mouton appeared before Ilge Rheent on charges of the murder of 26-year-old Saul van Wyk and attempted murder of Clive Fredericks, 29.
His case was postponed to 04 April 2019 for further investigations and for his legal representative, Winnie Christiaan to be present and for the outstanding witness statements and photo plan of the crime scene to be obtained.
Christiaan was attending to another case at the High Court in Windhoek.
It is alleged that Mouton stabbed Van Wyk in the chest and Fredericks in the chest and arm in an argument over N.dollars 10 last month at Rehoboth’s Sonderwater informal settlement.
Van Wyk died on the spot, while Fredericks was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital in a serious condition.
Prosecutor Zibiho Munenze, representing the State in the matter, last month opposed bail on the grounds that the matter is still in the early stages and because the State’s evidence in the matter is strong, with a possibility of interference and absconding by the accused.
The court however indicated that bail would be considered once more information is availed during a formal application.
Mouton is being held at the Rehoboth Police Station holding cells.