Job attachment refusal by hospitality and tourism industry a concern

21 Mar 2019 10:20am
WINDHOEK, 21 MAR (NAMPA) – The refusal of hospitality and tourism students by accommodation facilities for industrial attachment is a huge concern for the African Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre (AHTTC).
The concern was registered to the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Itah Kandjii-Murangi by AHTTC’s Director, Eude Kambuta on Wednesday, shortly after that institution received an accreditation certificate from the Namibia Qualifications Authority here.
He expressed that the students need attachment not only to complete their studies but also to enhance their knowledge and experience in the hospitality and tourism industry.
The facilities according to him are refusing the students based on having no accommodation for them through the duration of their attachments, which according to Kambuta is not reason enough.
Not only is the aspect of attachment beneficial to the students, but to the tutors as well as this requires the tutors to do inspections on the students, something he noted also adds to their experience and interaction with stakeholders in the industry.
“Companies are too reluctant on this very crucial issue and I think it is best if a law is brought into being to compel such facilities to assist students and institutions with attachment,” he advised.
In response, Kandjii-Murangi acknowledged that her ministry is aware of the effort by students to get attachments and promised that a policy in this regard is in the making, which will soon become a law.
Job attachments she said, are very important component in the space of the training process.
She however reminded training institutions that they are responsible for negotiating for the attachment of students with the respective facilities and not the students themselves as it is the case recently.
“Searching for the student’s attachment should be the responsibility of the institution and not the student, because by not doing so, the institutions are doing a disservice to the students who are their responsibility from the day there are accepted until they complete,” the minister said.