Swakopmund municipality preaches unity

20 Mar 2019 11:50am
SWAKOPMUND, 20 MAR (NAMPA) – The staff members of the Swakopmund Municipality have advocated for unity in Namibia ahead of Namibia’s 29th Independence celebration.
This was emphasised in a speech delivered by the municipality’s Marketing and Communications Officer, Aili Gebhardt during the entity’s Namibia’s 29th Independence celebrations here on Wednesday.
“Namibia is one country, one nation and to achieve unity, we must set aside racial, sex differences and tribalism,” Gebhardt noted.
She highlighted the importance of having one aim, goal and vision so that no one ever feels left out.
“We should continually practice and live in the spirit of Harambee and leaders; we should provide the future generation with leadership worthy of their support,” she added.
Gebhardt called on employees and the rest of the Namibians to use the Independence Day to unpack its true meaning, what Namibia wants to achieve as a nation.
During the event, several elderly residents of Swakopmund also emphasised on the importance of appreciating peace and unity but always remembering the fight and efforts taken to achieve the country’s independence.
Sageus Frans, who was also part of the liberation struggle expressed appreciation to the Namibian government for ensuring its residents are able to live freely and with all the essential needs.
“The liberation struggle was long and bitter. However, it was all worth it because we were fighting for the independent country we are now living in,” he said.
The official Independence Day celebrations are scheduled to take place in Windhoek on Thursday.