Cabinet approves drought relief intervention

20 Mar 2019 11:00am
WINDHOEK, 20 MAR (NAMPA) – Cabinet has approved comprehensive drought relief interventions amounting to N.dollars 572 million to assist affected communities in communal areas for the 2019/20 financial year.
Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa made the announcement on Wednesday when he briefed the media on the outcome of the fourth Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday.
The drought relief will include food assistance; livestock management incentives; lease of grazing areas; and lick supplement for lock herd.
Simataa explained that the drought relief interventions would be channelled through the National Emergency Disaster Fund, where the ministries of Defence as well as Health and Social Services will have to avail facilities and support for the implementation thereof.
A transport subsidy to and from grazing areas and transport for fodder will also be provided to farmers, as well as a fodder subsidy for the core herd, he said.
However, this will be done on the condition that farmers should bring down their stock levels to at least 25 cattle and one bull per affected farmer.
“The rest (farmers) who want to keep more (breeding stock) will not be compelled (to reduce them), but we are appealing to them (farmers) to reduce to reasonable numbers that they can build when the situation changes,” he said.