Spiderman wins Namibia’s first medal at SASAPD championships

19 Mar 2019 13:10pm
STELLENBOSCH, 19 MAR (NAMPA) – Namibian disabled swimmer Matheus Angula became the first athlete to win a medal for Team Namibia at the 2019 South African Toyota National Championships for the Physically Disabled currently underway in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
The South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD) championships and visually impaired started on Monday and will end on Thursday at the Coetzenburg Athletics Stadium.
Angula, known affectionately by his teammates as ‘Spiderman’, won two gold medals for Namibia on the opening day of the competition, winning the 100 meter (m) backstroke in a time of 2 minutes 12 seconds and 48 split-seconds (2:12.48) and the 100m freestyle in a time of 1:59.56.
Speaking to Nampa after the events on Monday, Michael Hamukwaya, the Namibia Paralympic Committee’s secretary general, said he was happy to see that in a short space of time Angula has improved so much.
“Three years ago, Angula did not even have any techniques on swimming but his coach Sonia Lindemeier has really done a great job. Angula can now compete with other swimmers who mostly have been in the swimming pool longer than him. Before coming to the pool, he never even knew a backstroke but he is now doing it,” he said.
Hamukwaya added that his goal at the moment is to see Angula grow as a swimmer and hopefully represent Namibia at future Paralympic Games.
Team Namibia consists of 21 athletes and is competing in athletics (track and field) as well as swimming out of the 14 sport codes on offer at the SASAPD championships.