Simataa urges youth to operate in ICT and create employment

16 Mar 2019 15:30pm
BARAMASONI, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Stanley Simataa, on Friday encouraged young people to operate in the space of information and communication technology (ICT) in order to create employment for themselves.
He said the majority of millionaires in today’s world, especially in countries such as China and the United States of America (USA), are those operating in ICT.
Simataa made these remarks during the commissioning of seven new network towers in the Kavango East Region.
The network sites are newly constructed as part of the Mobile Telecommunication Limited (MTC)’s 081Every1 project, a nation-wide undertaking that is planned to achieve 100 per cent population coverage.
The network towers were put up at Shamstuku, Katenture, Djaradjara, Nyangana hospital, Baramasoni, Shimpanda and Kayengona village.
The official inauguration of the towers took place at Baramasoni in the Mashare Constituency.
“Go into ICT and create applications. We are providing the environment for you. Don’t go and say there is unemployment. There can’t be unemployment when we are providing you with this infrastructure,” he said.
Simataa dded that the time of wearing ties are gone and young people should now learn to work for themselves in order to come back and employ others.
The minister further encouraged the youth to take advantage of such opportunities to advance their dreams.
“We are prepared as a government to assist where possible. If you want to access financing facilities, the government has made provision for that,” he noted.
Very few people, he added, can be employed in government, adding that the days when the government was the only employer or in the limited private sector are gone.
The minister also challenged MTC to ensure that the facilities they provide are relevant and usable products to the communities.
The government, he said, takes pleasure in the extent to which these facilities address the challenges communities are faced with.