Rundu Police Station plagued by fuel shortage

16 Mar 2019 14:40pm
By Petrus Muronga

RUNDU, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in Kavango East Region at the Rundu Police Station has for the past weeks been struggling to fuel their vehicles as the station has ran out of fuel.
NamPol Kavango East Regional Commander, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo confirmed the situation to Nampa in an interview recently, saying that the lack of fuel does not affect the region alone, but is a concern countrywide.
She said although the Rundu Police Station has been struggling with fuel, there is still fuel available at Police stations at Omega and Mukwe and that it is merely a matter of communication between the station commanders to render assistance when their fuel has run run out.
Ngondo said in order to arrest the situation, they have put up measures where they have to put administrative work aside for them to utilise the fuel available on operational issues and respond to emergencies.
According to police officers who spoke to Nampa on condition of anonymity due to fear of victimization, the Rundu Police Station has not had enough fuel for the vehicles used to pick them up from their residence and take them to work.
One of the officer residing in Ndama said he was also called last week just to be told that he will not be picked up since there was no fuel in the car for their shift.
Furthermore, another officer related to Nampa that some of the officers who reside closer to the station manage to work but it becomes difficult for other members that live in places like Kehemu or Ndama, since they are far from the station.
In 2018, during NamPol's Benevolent Fund's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NamPol’s Benevolent Fund, NamPol’s Inspector-General Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga called on regional commanders who head specialised units to properly supervise the use of police vehicles.
Ndeitunga also urged regional commanders to ensure that the fuel in the regions is properly utilised and at the same time gave a directive for vehicles deployed for administrative purposes to be parked at all times and only be utilised with the permission from the regional commanders.