Kapofi urges head office to support regional offices

14 Mar 2019 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 14 MAR (NAMPA) – Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration (MoHAI), Frans Kapofi, has urged ministerial managers and officials based at head office to timeously respond to plights of fellow colleagues and subordinates from regional officers.
This comes after the minister completed a familiarisation tour to various regional, sub-regional offices and border posts in the country, where he witnessed the harsh working conditions those officials are exposed to.
Kapofi, during his 2019 MoHAI staff meeting held here on Wednesday, stressed that the harsh conditions include officials operating in dilapidated buildings and quarters, without safe drinking water at some offices, no stationary or operational printing facilities as well as no appropriate protective clothing for hygiene officers.
“[My] primary concern is the ignorance practiced by managers and other support staff at head office when procurement needs, stationary shortages and maintenance related issues have been reported, including IT and other related problems,” he said.
He added that phones of managers and other support staff at head office go unanswered while requests are left unattended for months without any explanation and sometimes using budget allocations or lack of many as an excuse.
Immigration officials, according to Kapofi, at times call the Visa and Permit Departments at head office for verification of the status of persons who were supposedly granted these, but they are not responded to as expected.
The Executive Director in MoHAI, Etienne Maritz, who also attended the meeting, promised to follow these matters with keen interest, which may lead to doing away with such conduct from officials at head office.
Maritz further said he will design strategies that will be aimed at addressing most, if not all, the challenges facing the ministry.