Klein Menasse toilets out of order since 2016

14 Mar 2019 12:10pm
KLEIN MENASSE, 14 MAR (NAMPA) – The toilets at the Klein Menasse border post in the //Kharas Region have been out of order since 2016.
A Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration official stationed at the border post, 35 kilometres from Aroab, recently told Nampa the facilities have been out of order since 2016 and they are embarrassed to have to inform visitors who need to use the toilet.
“Sometimes visitors have to use the bushes when nature calls or we have to tell them to use the facility at the South African border,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
According to the official, they have reported the matter to the Ministry of Works and Transport numerous times “but nothing has been done.”
“They came here promising us they would do something but nothing has been done up to now.”
Around 1 500 people use the border post every month.
Approached for comment, the deputy director in the ministry’s Directorate of Immigration and Border Control for //Kharas and Hardap, Patrick Ntupi said he was not aware that the toilets are not functional.
“I am hearing this for the first time, this complaint has not reached my office at all,” he said.
Ntupi said he would follow up the matter.
The Ministry of Works’ Keetmanshoop Regional Control Work Inspector, #Khagu //Hoeseb told this news agency on Wednesday he was not aware of the situation at the border and called it ‘impossible’ that the toilets could be out of order for this long.
“I will have to speak to the foremen and ask them, but for so many years, it is impossible,” he said.
//Hoeseb said the ministry takes such matters very seriously and they are attended to immediately, especially at border posts.
“It is impossible that something like a broken toilet has to take so long. I will follow up and see why those complaints were not attended to, if there were any,” he added.