Rundu Town Council management committee still incomplete

12 Mar 2019 14:20pm
RUNDU, 12 MAR (NAMPA) - The acting Chief Executive Officer of the Rundu Town Council, Sikongo Haihambo says although the Rundu Town Council is now operational, the management committee is still incomplete.
Haihambo said in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday the council is still deliberating on who the third person to join the management committee will be.
Last month the councillors voted for Isak Kandingu as mayor and Toini Hausiku as deputy mayor.
Anastasia Antonio was re-elected chairperson of the management committee, while Faustinus Wakudumo of the All People’s Party formed part of the management committee.
The third slot in the management committee could not be filled as former mayor Verna Sinimbo and her deputy, Ralf Ihemba declined their nominations.
“There are no issues now pertaining to the mayorship, deputy mayor, chairperson of the management committee as well as the number of councillors that should be serving on the council,” Haihambo said.
He added that the Local Authority Act is explicit regarding the fact that out of seven councillors, three must serve on the management committee and the town council now only has two councillors.
“The management committee is not complete and this is also hindering our operations, especially the decision-making part,” he said.
Haihambo further stated that the management committee has to make recommendations to the council.
“Council is there. Now the organ that is supposed to recommend to it is not there. It is critical that we have the management committee complete in order to resume normal council operations,” he said.
Haihambo said the available position could be filled by the councillors who have no position, but this is not definite.
“Let them enter the chamber next week and nominate each other there. Eventually, we will come up with a candidate,” the acting chief executive officer said.
Should no candidate take up the position, Haihambo said he would talk to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to see if a different scenario could be explored.