Lack of funds halts plans for police substation at Keetmanshoop

12 Mar 2019 14:20pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 MAR (NAMPA) – Plans to construct a police substation in Keetmanshoop’s Tseiblaagte residential area are being hampered by financial constraints.
The substation will be located opposite the !Homs Ai community tourism centre on a 4 297 square metre piece of land, half of which was donated by the Keetmanshoop Municipality in March 2016. The other half was bought by the Ministry of Safety and Security for N.dollars 114 787.
The Namibian Police Force’s Head of Administration for the //Kharas Region, Deputy Commissioner Tauno Hamukoto however told Nampa in an interview Monday the plans have not yet materialised because of a lack of funds.
Hamukoto said having a substation in the area is important as it is the centre of the residential area and people will no longer have to go into town to make use of the only police station in Keetmanshoop.
“It is our desire to bring our services closer to the people and it would be ideal to have a police station there. If we can maybe get a donor to help that will be good,” he said.
The administration head further said a temporary structure would not be a solution as they would not be able to cover the expenses that go with it such as municipal rates.
“Opening a substation there means we have to open a municipal account for water and electricity. The maintenance of the building will also cost us money which we currently do not have, we will wait until the central government is in a position to help us,” he said.
Hamukoto said the lack of funds is affecting other plans, such as the construction of police stations at Berseba, Grunau and Noordoewer and police barracks at Aroab.