Desperate Omungwelume SS learners living in house with no water

12 Mar 2019 12:20pm
OMUNGWELUME, 12 MAR (NAMPA) – Nearly 100 learners of Omungwelume Secondary School are living in a house without running water as the school does not have a hostel.
The 98 learners moved into the house which belongs to the Ohangwena Regional Council in February this year.
The school’s patron, Kleopas Kapuuya told Nampa during a parent meeting here on Saturday there is also not enough rental accommodation in the area, so parents asked the Ohangwena Regional Governor’s office to allow the learners to live in the vacant house.
He said after the governor, Usko Nghaamwa, visited the house to donate food, he heard told the school to move learners without accommodation into the house.
Kleopas however said the Ohangwena Regional Office has refused to have the water connected since the learners moved in last month.
“The school has about 589 learners and the majority are from far… The parents consulted the governor, who gave us the go-ahead,” he said.
He further explained that the house was vandalised by locals while it was unoccupied and the parents paid to have it renovated.
The parents also pay N.dollars 400 for food and have indicated that they are willing to pay for the water, he said.
A parent of one of the learners living at the house, Aina Haufiku said the learners are negatively affected by the lack of accommodation.
She said parents have also organised for a matron to monitor the learners living in the house but there are children who live in informal structures without any parental supervision
“The school really needs a hostel. Our children are using the bushes which is very unhygienic, especially for the girls,” she stressed.
Approached for comment, Chief Regional Officer of the Ohangwena Regional Council, Fillipus Shilongo said the learners are occupying the house illegally.
“According to the council’s assessment the house is uninhabitable, so people are not allowed to live there,” he said.
Nghaamwa told this news agency his office is aware of the matter but he cannot go into detail with the media at the moment.
“I am meeting with my officials to find a solution,” he said.