Explosives' danger and aftermath should be considered - Namoloh

11 Mar 2019 15:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 11 MAR (NAMPA) – Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Namoloh has called for users of explosives to consider their dangers and aftermath.
“The potency of the dangers of explosives lies not their use but in the aftermath. The aftermath can result in death and destruction, which is horrendous in themselves,” he noted.
Namoloh made these remarks during the official opening of the 9th International Conference of Chief Inspectors of Explosives and the 25th Explosives Propellants and Pyrotechnics Working Group taking place here on Monday.
The five-day workshop, which is aimed at covering safety management, regulations for explosives test methods and the continued improvement of best practices within the life cycle related to explosives, is attended by experts in the field of explosives form across the world.
The minister added that the escalating application of explosives in various areas such as mining, civil construction of roads and tunnels and oil exploration, among others, is also one of the main reasons for this forum, with the aim to address the safety of explosives.
“This conference also presents a unique opportunity to find strategies to the usage of explosives and safety measures because it provides a platform to bridge gaps and to share information on new technological developments.”
He however added that despite every government’s responsibility being to protect its citizens from dangerous and hazardous substances, it also recognises the importance and need for development in a country, within the set targets outlined in the national development plans.
“The Namibian Government and the explosives industries have a responsibility to improve the way explosives are managed, investigate the benefits of technology in the flow of information and increase visibility along the supply chain,” he stressed.
The workshop is expected to end on Friday.