Learner forced to home-school after freak incident

11 Mar 2019 11:00am
OSHAKATI, 11 MAR (NAMPA) – A 15-year-old boy from Oshakati is being home-schooled as a freak accident that damaged his colon last year, has left him unable to attend school.
Fortune Akawa is a Grade 8 learner at the Ongwediva Combined School.
His mother, Saara Johannes, told Nampa here on Thursday her son was a class monitor in his Grade 7 class at Oshakati West Primary School last October when he intervened in a disagreement between two classmates over N.dollar 1.
One of the other learners allegedly intentionally tripped Akawa, causing him to fall backwards and stumble onto a broken chair iron that stabbed him in the rectum and pierced his stomach.
“My son was just trying to carry out his duties as a class monitor. As a mother it is painful seeing my joyful son trapped at home and not attending school,” she said.
Akawa has been using a colostomy pouch since the incident which damaged his colon, leaving him unable to pass stool naturally.
Inspector of Education for the Ompundja Circuit in the Oshana Region, Hofni Kapolo explained that the hygiene committee complained about Akawa attending classes in his current condition as it was difficult to empty the colostomy pouch because the school does not have pit latrines.
“I advised the school to invite the parents and discuss the matter. The agreement is to send learning exercises to him while at home until he is declared fit by a medical doctor,” he said.
Kapolo noted that according to the education policy, if a learner could contaminate others or has a contiguous disease, they should remain at home until they are fit to resume classes. He however explained that this case was the first of its kind that they are dealing with.
Johannes said their doctor assured her that Akawa’s condition looks promising and he will not have to use the pouch for the rest of his life.
He is scheduled to undergo a second round of surgery on 22 March 2019.
Johannes, who is unemployed, said her biggest concern at the moment is that she cannot afford the weekly hospital check-ups and prescribed food for her son as he is only allowed to eat soft food.
“I do not work and my son’s current condition is costly. I cannot even attempt to look for a job as I have to clean his colostomy pouch and help him with school work,” she said.
Johannes last week received N.dollars 3 000 from the ESBA Pendukeni Foundation owned by Asser Shilimela.