Gochas woman's murder case postponed to April

09 Mar 2019 11:00am
REHOBOTH, 09 MAR (NAMPA) - A 26-year-old woman arrested for the alleged murder of her friend in Gochas in January this year, made her second appearance in the Aranos Magistrate’s Court Friday.
Johanna Vrey appeared before Magistrate Yvonne McLeod on a charge of murder and the case was postponed to 10 April to allow the accused to apply for legal aid through the Ministry of Justice’s legal aid department, and to allow for further police investigations.
The accused was denied bail as the case is still in its early stages and because bail would not be in the public interest.
Public Prosecutor Anitha Likius represented the State in the matter.
It is alleged that on 25 January this year, Vrey stabbed the 24-year-old Johanna Fredericks in the neck and the victim died instantly.
Both women were reportedly intoxicated and were arguing.
Vrey is being held at the Gochas Police Station holding cells.