Disgruntled Aroab community members demonstrate

08 Mar 2019 15:30pm
AROAB, 08 MAR (NAMPA) – About 40 community members at Aroab in the //Kharas Region on Thursday held a peaceful demonstration criticising the police for alleged poor handling of cases.
The group handed over a petition detailing their concerns to the station commander at the Aroab Police Station, Lukas Hamukoto.
In their petition read by the Aroab Small Farmers Cooperative Secretary, Gertjie Witbooi, the group demanded continuous police presence in the community through police patrols and road blocks.
“The community demands that the police identify crime spots and plan accordingly. We call for fair and just investigations and that all cases should be handled the same way when it comes to enforcing any laws,” reads the petition.
They also alleged that police officers are unprofessional in their conduct toward the community and called for officers to be transferred elsewhere if they do not change their attitudes.
“We request that police officers immediately stop their friendship with persons who are connected to any criminal activities,” they said.
The community members further proposed that no bail be granted to stock theft suspects and asked that when accused persons are found guilty, no fines should be considered.
“They should be permanently removed from the community,” they demanded.
The group also raised concern about illegal shebeens that sell traditional brew, saying their opening hours should be monitored and hygiene checked. They also want pensioners removed from such establishments.
Receiving the petition, Hamukoto said he would forward the petition to the relevant authority.
The disgruntled community members also handed over a petition to the Aroab Village Council detailing a number of other concerns.
They asked for immediate approval of fencing of town lands next to the roads to keep troublesome people and animals out and further want the village council to introduce job creation programmes, especially for young people.
“Presently, contracts are just given to outsiders who come and misuse our people, which leads to labour disputes,” reads the petition.
Receiving the petition, village council chairperson William Van Wyk said he will call a meeting through the chief executive officer for councillors to discuss the issues mentioned in the petition.
Both the police and the village council were given until 31 March this year to respond to the petitions.