CoW remediates backdated charges

07 Mar 2019 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 07 MAR (NAMPA) - The City of Windhoek (CoW) has decided to remediate the backdated charges to clients and only implement the higher water supply tariffs from 01 January 2019 after its customers raised complaints about high water bills.
Speaking at a media briefing on Thursday, CoW’s Manager of Corporate Communications and Marketing, Harold Akwenye explained that the affected clients will receive credit on their next statement that will reflect from 25 March 2019.
This comes after some Windhoek residents complained about receiving water bills that were higher than normal.
Akwenye explained that the declaration of water scarcity meant that higher water supply tariffs, as gazetted for times of limited water supply, should have been charged from 01 July 2018 and not the normal changes.
The oversight - that high single household consumers were undercharged for consumption - was only detected in December 2018.
Instead of charging this rate of the limited water supply, CoW charged the consumers normal tariffs which are only applicable during times of normal water supply.
Akwenye pointed out that if they do not charge the high water supply tariffs, CoW will resort to rationing of water.
Rationing is scheduled times where the entire Windhoek’s water will be shut down for a period of a day, the CoW explained.