Heavy rains to hit parts of SADC

07 Mar 2019 11:00am
WINDHOEK, 07 MAR (NAMPA) – The SADC Secretariat’s Climate Services Centre on Wednesday issued an alert for heavy rainfall in some parts of the sub-region, where high rainfall readings are set to occur in short periods.
A media statement on the matter stated that parts of central Mozambique, southern Malawi, western Zambia, central Eswatini, northern Tanzania and eastern Madagascar have a heavy rainfall hazard risk.
According to the statement, a tropical storm forming over the Mozambique Channel will migrate inland and make landfall over eastern Mozambique, causing the heavy rains.
More than 60 millimetres of rain is expected to fall in 24 hours during the forecast period of 4 to 10 March 2019.
The rains, the statement warns, are likely to result in localised flooding in flat areas and riverine flooding in other parts.
Areas that fall under the ‘Watch’ category within the SADC region during the forecast period include eastern Angola, west and central Zambia, northern Zimbabwe, central and northern Mozambique, some parts of eastern DRC, southern Tanzania and the eastern parts of Madagascar.
The Secretariat warned that caution should be taken when approaching flooded rivers and crossing on flooded low-level bridges during the forecast period should be avoided.
“National Meteorological and Hydrological Services are urged to closely monitor this event and update the Disaster Risk Management institutions at Member States to ensure that preparedness and action are taken to protect lives and property,” the statement noted.
The heavy rains, according to the statement, is at present confined to these places as the rest of the sub-region will not be affected.
Namibia, where a looming drought due to absence of rain has threatened food security in many parts of the country, will equally not experience the heavy rains.