City Centre shooter bail hearing postponed to April

06 Mar 2019 14:40pm
WINDHOEK, 06 MAR (NAMPA) – The bail application hearing of a former Global Fund employee who allegedly shot dead a former colleague and wounded another in Windhoek in January, was on Wednesday put on hold pending further police investigations.
The hearing of Simasiku Simataa Simasiku's formal bail application was scheduled to begin before Windhoek Magistrate Vanessa Stanley here on Wednesday, but it was put on hold until 29 April 2019 to allow the police investigating team to finalise all their investigations in connection with shooting.
The decision to postpone the hearing was decided upon by Simasiku's Legal Aid-funded defence lawyer, Henry Shimutwikeni and Public Prosecutor, Rowan van Wyk in court on Wednesday.
According to the agreement by the two parties, a date for the commencement of the bail application hearing will only be decided upon on 29 April this year.
Simasiku, 33, was again on Wednesday ordered to remain in police custody at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility with no option to post bail.
On 28 January 2019, Simasiku allegedly walked into the City Centre office building and shot the victims.
One victim, a director of the Global Fund programme’s management unit, Sarah Mwilima, 58, died at the scene, while the other victim, Ester Nepolo, was wounded and is still receiving medical treatment at the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital.
Simasiku previously worked at the programme management unit under the Global Fund Directorate falling under the Ministry of Health and Social Services, along with the two victims, and was employed at the ministry’s Primary Health Care unit at the time of the incident.
The accused handed himself over to the Wanaheda Police Station shortly after the incident.
The motive for the shooting is still unknown.