We are unapologetic about our Herero roots: Nudo

05 Mar 2019 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 05 MAR (NAMPA) – The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) is unapologetic about having a strong Ovaherero support base but quashed insinuations by the media and its competitors that it is a tribal political party.
These were the words of an agitated and disappointed Nudo secretary general (SG) Joseph Kauandenge when the newly elected leadership held its first media engagement on Tuesday.
The City of Windhoek councillor said this in response to the continued perception that Nudo is a 'Herero party', as reflected by those in the top echelons of its leadership, who are Otjiherero-speaking Namibians.
“I am really getting tired with this hypocrisy, by the Namibian media in particular. You have a Swapo Party that claims to be a national party (but) it is dominated by Oshiwambo-speaking Namibians. But yet you have the audacity to call other people and parties tribalists. What are you really saying?” Kauandenge asked.
He continued with his rant, saying many key government positions in Namibia, especially those directly linked to politics, happen to be predominantly occupied by a single Namibian tribe, yet nobody has a problem with it.
“Who are the majority of those who are sent out of this country as ambassadors? Let’s start with the cabinet ministers, who are the majority in that cabinet? They are from one ethnic group,” he said.
He said Nudo cannot shy away from its Herero support base, but maintained that inclusivity was inherent in the party.
“When Nudo was formed, it was through chief (Hosea) Katjikurume Kutako who initiated for Sam Nujoma to get out of this country. But Sam Nujoma was not an Otjiherero-speaking person,” he explained.
He said Kutako could have sent any other equally capable individual from his own tribe, but instead sent Nujoma as he had the bigger picture in mind.
“The policy of inclusiveness is inherent. It is not a secret that Nudo’s political base is Ovaherero people and we are not going to apologise about that because every political party in Africa has a political base (from) where it is coming from.”
“If it was not for the Oshiwambo-speaking Namibians [and] the Four O-regions of this country, Swapo could not have won elections in this country,” he added, saying his party is open to all Namibians.