Namcol awards top achievers

01 Mar 2019 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 01 MAR (NAMPA) – The Namibian College of Open Learning had their annual prize giving ceremony for the top achievers of the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) and Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) on Friday.
Speaking at the ceremony, Namcol Director Heroldt Murangi said 11 222 part-time candidates sat for the JSC and 87,6 per cent were graded - which is 9 830 of the candidates.
“The results reflect that part-time candidates performed poorer at higher grades A-B with 16 per cent and C-D with 20,4 per cent,” he said.
A total of 12,4 per cent were ungraded, which translates to 1 392 candidates.
A comparison to last year was not given.
Furthermore, Murangi said 32 940 part-time candidates sat for the NSSC examinations and an overall 81,1 per cent of the candidates were graded - which is 26 714 candidates.
“The results show a great improvement of 5,5 per cent for D grade and above, from 20,6 in 2017 to 25,1 per cent in 2018,” Murangi said.
The best performers in the JSC and NSSC part-time studies were also announced.
The best overall JSC performer is Hilma Martin from the Nangolo Senior Secondary School part-time facility for Namcol in the Oshikoto Region, who received an A in both mathematics and agriculture as well as a B in physical science.
The best overall NSSC ordinary performer is Condensia Paulus from CJ Brandt High School, who scored an A in biology and physical science as well as a B in English.
Namcol also announced Mbahimua Mbirimujo, who is from the Namcol Yetu Yama centre, as the overall best candidate of the college title with a one in biology and a two in physical science, both subjects on higher level.
Furthermore, Murangi said Namcol will fully offer the new curriculum in 2021, which means in 2020 the old curriculum examinations will be written for the last time.