Ondangwa community warned agaisnt vandalism

28 Feb 2019 10:00am
ONDANGWA, 28 FEB (NAMPA) – The Ondangwa Town Council (OTC) has warned its residents against the ongoing vandalism of the waste-disposal premises fence, saying the malpractice is a threat to the environment and its inhabitants.
In an interview with Nampa here on Wednesday, OTC Spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho said in 2016 the council spent about N.dollars 500 000 after the fence that was there was vandalised and stolen.
Shitalangaho said although the council is trying to keep the town’s waste management up to standard and that such malpractice is a setback as solid waste material is flocking out of the premises due to the damaged fence.
She noted that the recent vandalism is suspected to have taken place on Saturday, where 23 still poles were stolen, leaving the fence hanging.
“Solid waste such as plastic bags and papers are flocking out from the damaged site, scattering into nearby streams where cattle graze and all over, giving a bad image to the town,” she said.
She emphasised that for many years, the town did not have an environmental clearance certificate due to the lack of a plan in place on how to manage waste and a proper operational waste dumpsite, where waste is dumped and stored.
However, Shitalangaho noted that due to the refurbishment, which included the new fence and appropriate plan to manage waste, the town received an environmental clearance certificate in January 2018 for a period of three years.
“If people are not acting with a sense of responsibility, we might risk and lose the certificate,” she noted.
She indicated that there are security guards on site 24 hours and the council opened a case with the Namibian Police Force, where they will be questioned as investigations continue.
She urged community members to be the eyes for the council and report incidents of vandalism to the police and council.