Uprising Stars to host 21st anniversary tournament

27 Feb 2019 15:40pm
REHOBOTH, 27 FEB (NAMPA) – Groot Aub will play host to the Uprising Stars Football Club’s 21st anniversary tournament starting Saturday and ending Sunday.
According to Morne Beukes, one of the organisers, the aim of the competition is to provide a better future for the youth of Groot Aub, a settlement located about 50 kilometres south of Windhoek.
“The aim is to help the youth discover their full potential. That will help their social well-being and will help and give courage to those who gave up on life by empowering them through sports,” Beukes said.
The organisers expect about 20 teams from surrounding areas, with Groot Aub having about 10 teams.
The total prize money for the tournament is N.dollars 50 000. The winners get N.dollars 25 000, 20 gold medals and a trophy, while the losing finalist will walk away with N.dollars 15 000 and 20 silver medals.
The two semi-final losers will each get N.dollars 5 000.
Registration per team is N.dollars 2 500. The draw will be conducted at the football field at 20h00 on Friday, followed by a ‘langarm’ dance with Young Teenage Lovers to end Friday’s proceedings.
Proceeds from the tournament will be used to assist vulnerable learners of the community, Beukes said.