Three men arrested with drugs in Rehoboth, denied bail

25 Feb 2019 18:10pm
REHOBOTH, 25 FEB (NAMPA) – A 31-year-old Rehoboth man arrested for possession and dealing in dependence producing substances during a police operation, on Monday made his first appearance in the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court.
Hendrick Veldskoen appeared before Magistrate Desmond Beukes on charges of possession and dealing in drugs and his case was postponed to 19 March for further investigations.
It is alleged that Namibian Police officers during an operation in Block E on Friday confiscated the drugs from Veldskoen, which included 25 full mandrax tablets, three half mandrax tablets, one quarter mandrax tablet, seven full parcels of pure cannabis weighing 2 125 grams, one half parcel of pure cannabis weighing 130 grams and five skunk parcels valued at N.dollars 26 000. The police also confiscated N.dollars 1 210 in cash.
Veldskoen was denied bail and he indicated that he would enlist the services of a private lawyer.
Prosecutor Victor Mutumbulwa represented the State in the matter and said granting bail at this stage would not be in the public interest, also noting that the matter was at an early stage.
Veldskoen is detained at the Rehoboth Police holding cells.
Meanwhile Christopher Leppen, 32, arrested in the same police operation in Rehoboth on Friday, also made his first appearance in front of Magistrate Beukes on two counts of possession of drugs and dealing in dependence producing substances.
His case was postponed to 27 March for further investigations and for the laboratory results to be released.
The arrest took place at the suspect’s residence in Block F around 23h20. Police officers confiscated 31 skunk parcels and one full mandrax tablet with a total value of N.dollars 1 670, as well as two pieces of cannabis.
He was denied bail and was remanded in custody at the Rehoboth Police holding cells.
Leppen indicated that he would conduct his own defence going forward.
In another case at the same court, Valentino Titus, 25, made his first appearance on a charge of drug possession and his case was postponed to Tuesday for plea.
Titus was denied bail.
Mutumbulwa also represented the State in the latter two matters.