Fifa normalisation committee calls for submission of election results

22 Feb 2019 17:00pm
REHOBOTH, 22 FEB (NAMPA) – The International Federation of Football Associations (Fifa)’s Normalisation Committee for the Namibian Football Association (NFA) has called on its members to submit reports and results of their leadership committee elections.
A statement availed to Nampa on Friday said, as per their mandate, one of the tasks of the Fifa Normalisation Committee is to act as an electoral committee for the new executive committee of the NFA, of which the executive committee would be elected once elections at the member level had been finalised.
The Fifa committee is comprised of Hilda Basson-Namundjebo (chairperson), Franco Cosmos (vice-chairperson) and Gabby Ahrens, Matti Mwandingi and Vivienne Katjiuongua as ordinary members.
In the statement, Basson-Namundjebo said the call aims to establish which members have conducted elections.
“We want to know if those members were genuinely constituted and also see to it that we assist others to elect regional or member level leadership. This will then inform us on how we process in terms of getting to the association’s executive committee elections as per our mandate,” she said.
The statement said the NFA Secretariat last week sent out a memorandum to the NFA members to provide executive committee members, dates of elections and indication of terms of office, so that the information can be verified.
Basson-Namundjebo explained they have received some feedback and are now busy verifying this information to make sure that they were done according to the appropriate policies and procedures.
“We call for increased transparency and due diligence during this time to enable us to get members in good standing, which will enable us to deliver a free, fair and credible election,” Basson-Namundjebo concluded.