Non-public servants using PSEMAS cards warned

21 Feb 2019 14:50pm
WINDHOEK, 21 FEB (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Finance has cautioned the public against non-civil servants who are using false Public Service Employee Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS) cards for their personal benefit.
In a media statement Thursday, the ministry said it has it on good authority that some members of the general public, who are not public service employees or dependents, use the PSEMAS cards of deceased former members and former members to benefit from the scheme.
“Due to this, the Ministry of Finance would like to request members of the public who are in possession of PSEMAS membership cards or receiving PSEMAS membership benefits while not employed as members or dependents, to surrender with immediate effect such cards before 31 March 2019.”
The cards can be handed over at the Ministry of Finance building medical aid division in Windhoek and the various Methealth PSEMAS offices in the capital city.
This is a voluntary grace period whereby any person can surrender the bogus PSEMAS membership cards without facing any consequence.
However, failure to do so will lead to the Ministry of Finance taking legal action against such persons after 31 March 2019, the statement said.