Arsenal business donates reflector jackets to the Network

20 Dec 2013 10:10am
OPUWO, 20 DEC (NAMPA) – The owner of Arsenal group of businesses in the Kunene Region, Seblon Nghipangelwa on Tuesday donated reflector jackets to the Women and Men’s Network Against Crime (the Network) at Opuwo.
Nghipangelwa told Nampa that the donation of reflector jackets is a token of his appreciation for the sterling work which members of the Network, as police volunteers, are doing against crime, especially through their night patrols.
“The members of the Network should be well dressed, and they should also be visible from a distance during their night patrols,” he said, explaining why he chose to donate reflector jackets.
The 10 reflector jackets that were donated are worth N.dollars 2 500, including the printing of the NAMPOL [Namibian Police Force] logo on them.
Receiving the jackets on behalf of NamPol, the Regional Commander of the Kunene Region Commissioner Mandume Shifonono thanked Nghipangelwa for the kind gesture and called on other business people to emulate that good example.
At the donation handover ceremony, as the members of the Women and Men’s Network Against Crime in the Kunene Region were being introduced, Nghipangelwa also donated 20 T-shirts to the police volunteers which they are to wear during their patrols at night and on weekends.
Members of the Network do police work on a voluntary basis. They have gone through basic police training courses and are accompanied by constable officers during their patrols.
Members of the Women and Men’s Network Against Crime are also used at different roadblocks, and it is expected that more patrols would be set up in various zones of towns during the December holiday period.
The Kunene Region has 800 people registered as members of the Network.