Raffle tickets and promotional competitions unlawful: Shifeta

20 Feb 2019 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 20 FEB (NAMPA) – Raffle tickets sold by churches or schools and promotional competitions will be illegal without licenses once the Lotteries Act of 2017 is passed, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta has said.
Shifeta was speaking at the Public Consultative Workshop on the Draft Regulations of the new Lotteries Act of 2017 and the new Gaming and Entertainment Act of 2018 on Wednesday.
The new Act, with the establishment of a lotteries board, will ensure these benevolent lotteries, which include raffle tickets, and promotional competitions will be supervised and controlled through issued licenses.
Shifeta pointed out that most of these lotteries and promotional competitions are currently promoted publicly through print and broadcast media but are unlawful, although not illegal.
“It must be noted that although the lottery sector never officially took off in Namibia, many benevolent lotteries and promotional competitions have been established in the country but unlawfully,” he said.
Shifeta explained ‘unlawful’ means both parties’ rights are not protected and ‘illegal’ refers to an act that is against the law which constitutes a crime.
He added that these lotteries are “taking money from members of society and in most cases from the poor and it is therefore important that the proceeds from such lotteries should first contribute to social welfare through supporting activities such as charities, arts, sports and environmental protection”.
The minister also noted that schools and churches that use minors to sell the tickets will be deemed illegal under the new Lotteries Act.
“Some kids are sent with the paper (raffle tickets) to go beg in the streets and in fact it is not good. That will be completely illegal to send a child and you can be taken to task for having done that,” said Shifeta.
The new Lotteries Act aims to establish the Lotteries Board, to provide a conduct of the State lottery, a State Lottery Trust Fund, as well as the authorisation of other lotteries and promotional competitions.
The board will also supervise and control benevolent lotteries.