Hunt is on for killer elephant in Kunene

20 Dec 2013 10:10am
OKATUMBA, 20 DEC (NAMPA) – The hunt is on for the aggressive elephant bull that killed a 64-year-old man at Okatumba village just south of Opuwo in the Kunene Region a week ago.
Officials of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism are leading the hunt and they are joined by a large group of angry people from Okatumba village.
The hunt for the elephant was initiated last Friday after the community discovered the remains of the old man who has since been identified as Paulus Tjiurua. The elephant had inflicted fatal injuries all over his body.
According to a police report, the deceased person left his cattle post on 10 December 2013 and went into the veldt in search of some of his lost cattle. He never returned home.
His corpse was discovered on Thursday, two days after his death, by boys who were herding cattle in the mountains.
Police investigations at the scene found pieces of the elephant’s tusk at the scene and the elephant’s tracks were also visible around the corpse.
The two boys who found the body said they ran and told their parents of the dead man immediately after they saw him lying there.
The parents of the two boys informed the police at around 18h00, but the police only came the next morning, 13 December 2013, to collect the remains of the deceased and to take statements from the people.
The elephant, which is being hunted, is suspected to be the same animal that last year injured a man just two kilometres away from the place where it is said to have killed Tjiurua.
The injured man was hospitalised at the Oshakati State Hospital. Both of his arms were broken, but he survived.
The Chairperson of the Okongoro Conservancy, Region Zahungama told Nampa that the deceased was buried on Wednesday and the conservancy assisted with N.dollars 5 000, which was used for funeral arrangements.
He said the elephant was to be killed because it has been identified as a problem animal.
It has, however, been very difficult to track it down in the mountains over the past five days.
Officials at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Opuwo also confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that the elephant was going to be killed.