Ngulonda witchcraft dispute continues at Oshakati

20 Dec 2013 07:40am
OSHAKATI, 20 DEC (NAMPA) – The family of 50-year-old Maria Ngulonda, who died in the Oshakati State Hospital last Friday, is planning to take legal action against residents of Oshakati town’s Evululuko location who had accused the deceased and her family of practicing witchcraft.
Family members and friends laid Ngulonda to rest at the new cemetery at Othingo in Oshakati on Wednesday.
Doctors at the Oshakati Hospital indicated on the death certificate that “shock: stroke” was the cause of Ngulonda’s death.
Her husband, Titus Shapalo confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that the family is consulting widely to ensure that the matter is taken up with the local traditional authority of Uukwambi, under which Oshakati falls. He said they are also considering the possibility of taking legal action against the people who have been accusing them of practicing witchcraft.
The family has identified certain individuals of the Evululuko community as part of the people who had accused Ngulondo of practicing witchcraft.
This group of people are also said to be members of a new church organisation at Uupindi location in Oshakati West.
Ngulonda, who is originally from Angola and lived in Namibia since 1977, was accused of having caused death and illness among residents of Evululuko location, after she and other members of her family allegedly bewitched them by mysteriously engaging them in sexually intercourse during the nights.
“A mob of some Evululuko residents used to come in front of our house here shouting and accusing us of witchcraft, but none of them has supported their accusations with facts or come up with the names of the people we have bewitched,” Ngulonda’s family members told Nampa.
The family said some of the accusers had even gone so far as to threaten to burn down Ngulonda’s house.
“Our mother died as a result of these false accusations, yet there is nobody coming up with the names of people who are apparently bewitched by us,” Ngulonda’s son, who preferred to remain unnamed, charged.
Shapalo [the deceased’s husband] described the accusations as a fabrication orchestrated by individuals who are determined to tarnish the image of his family for reasons known only to themselves.
“I want the Uukwambi Traditional Authority or any other relevant authority to organise a hearing where the culprits would be called to explain and reveal the names of the people who were bewitched by my wife,” Shapalo said.
Accusers are said to have also demanded Ngulonda’s family to be repatriated back to Angola, but the family said they are Namibians with their family roots firmly grounded at Okando village in the Omusati Region.