Rundu Swapo members call for immediate reinstatement of recalled councillors

18 Feb 2019 17:10pm
RUNDU, 18 FEB (NAMPA) – Some Swapo Party members of different district branches within the Rundu Urban Constituency in the Kavango East Region are demanding the immediate reinstatement of three recalled Rundu Town Council councillors.
The disgruntled party members on Monday gathered at the Kavango East party offices here to submit a petition to the party regional leadership containing their concerns in regard with the Rundu Town Council matter.
Swapo Party Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa on 12 February 2019 wrote a letter to the three Swapo councillors through the regional coordinator, Otillie Shinduvi, recalling them as local authority councillors for defying orders.
The three are newly elected mayor, Isak Kandingu, deputy mayor Toini Hausiku and management committee chairperson, Anastacia Antoni.
The three councillors defied Shaningwa’s directive to keep the status quo of the council intact and for electing an opposition party member into the management committee of the Rundu Town Council.
Ndondi Muyenga, who read the aggrieved group’s petition, said the “illegal directives” must be withdrawn and the recalled office bearers must return immediately.
“Unprocedural action and corruption must stop. Swapo is a democratic movement where leaders are elected freely and no status quo should be imposed,” he said.
“In terms of Chapter 3 of Article 9 of the Swapo Party constitution which provides and states duties and functions of the officers and the SG, there is no constitutional power empowering the SG to issue political directives to councillors of local authorities,” the group said.
Muyenga added that if the withdrawal of the councillors continue, they should be provided with the resolution taken under the provisions of the ‘Rights and Obligations’ which became a directive and the resolutions taken by the party political bureau, in writing.
“We want the minutes of the SG and procedure employed in adopting the directives and thereafter taken for reaffirmation as claimed in the letter of the secretary general,” said Muyenga.
In her letters sent to the regional leadership, Shaningwa said her directives were reaffirmed by the political bureau and central committee of the party at an ordinary meeting held on 30 January 2019.
Mobiliser for the Swapo Party in Kavango East, Bonifasius Wakudumo received the petition on behalf of Shinduvi, who was not in office as she is currently in Windhoek to attend an urgent meeting with the SG on the ongoing issue.