You cannot remote-control me: Hindjou

17 Feb 2019 15:20pm
OKAHANDJA, 17 FEB (NAMPA) - Okahandja Mayor, Johannes ‘Congo’ Hindjou has fired shots at external forces intent on using his office to advance their own agenda, saying they will not succeed as he “cannot be remote-controlled by anybody.”
Hindjou made these remarks shortly after being sworn in as the Garden Town's mayor on Friday.
The ex-footballer indicated that he cannot pre-empt what may happen in the future, but noted that if he is to be recalled by Swapo, his principles will remain intact for he has never compromised them.
“One thing about Congo Hindjou is that no one can remote control me because my mother’s name is Eva Kanja Hindjou. If I have problem with her, I address that problem with her. Meaning I can address a problem with anyone, but in a respectful way,” an emotional Hindjou said.
The mayor, in his acceptance, depicted two pictures of the town, where on one side it is a beautiful town that is strategically located, while on the other hand, the town has become a breeding ground for tribal tension and political hatred.
He also took issue with the municipality chief executive officer (CEO) Martha Mutilifa, who, during the municipal stand-offs, allegedly ordered that Hindjou’s office locks be changed.
She also had Hindjou’s picture removed from the most prominent wall in the municipal chamber.
“Madam CEO, I am asking you to set aside the agenda that you have and let’s work for these people that we are having here. These people need our services. Every member in the team is very important,” he told Mutilifa.
Mutilifa did not take Hindjou’s words kindly.
“I am not on anybody’s ticket. I am on my own diploma and my degree. My name is mentioned everywhere. I applied for this job. It was not through favours,” she said.
The past three months has seen the town of Okahandja unable to effectively install its municipal office bearers.
The bone of contention was Hindjou’s election into the mayoral post.
This was a result of two directives; one from Swapo Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa and another from Okahandja’s Swapo District Executive Committee coordinator, Martha Mwandingi-Simeon.
Shaningwa made it clear in her letter that Hindjou must not retain his mayoral post, and that he should be relegated to an ordinary member of the council.
Her preferred candidate for the position was Sophia Upithe.
The Mwandingi-Simeon-led DEC meanwhile, backed Hindjou, saying it was charged with deploying Swapo cadres in local authorities, and not Shaningwa.