There is no middle, Mushelenga tells councillors

17 Feb 2019 10:40am
KEETMANSHOOP, 17 FEB (NAMPA) - Swapo Central Committee member, Peya Mushelenga on Saturday told Swapo councillors they should either be for Swapo or for the opposition as “there is no middle.”
He was speaking at the party’s annual regional and local authority councillor meeting in Keetmanshoop, where councillors reported back on projects carried out last year and discussed the way forward for 2019.
“If you put an inch of your body into their (opposition) territory we will get rid of you because we are not of the same principles and ideology, you cannot serve masters, Swapo and the opposition,” said Mushelenga.
He said some councillors are Swapo councillors during the day but at night become something else and party matters are communicated to the opposition in the process.
“You discuss issues with your fellow comrade, the next morning everything is in the streets. How did it get there?” he asked.
Mushelenga, who is also Minister of Urban and Rural Development, said councillors are elected because of the Swapo Party and not in their capacity as individuals and they have to deliver what Swapo said it will deliver to its people according to the party manifesto.
“You were elected because of those red, green and blue colours. If we remove them you are nothing, stand as an independent candidate and let us see if you will stand and win, you are popular when you are on the Swapo party ticket, voters voted for Swapo and not for your name,” he said.
Mushelenga further said people must understand the true meaning of comradeship, adding that comradeship means people of the same ideology, “people who will die for each other and people who believe in the same peace.”
“Comrade is not us being Swapo members. If your ideology changes during the night, how can we be comrades? We must not betray one another as that is not comradeship. He or she who betrays another comrade is not a comrade,” he said.
He said the party wants to provide service and bring development to the people and urged the councillors to practice good governance with effectiveness and efficiency.