PDM will change Namibia for the better: Venaani

15 Feb 2019 15:20pm
REHOBOTH, 15 FEB (NAMPA) - Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) President McHenry Venaani said his party will change Namibia for the better should he be elected president in the National Assembly and Presidential Elections later this year.
He said should PDM come into power they will make land available to the youth and ensure that those under 17 years old attend school instead of leaving the formal school system once they fail Grade 10.
“Imagine failing Grade 10 and being taken back to Grade 9, that does not make sense. No youth will be roaming the streets as we will start schools where they can do something with their hands and in the end contribute to Namibia’s economy,” Venaani said.
The Junior Secondary Certificate was phased out in 2018, meaning those who fail Grade 10 and wish to repeat, go back to Grade 9 as from this year.
He took a swipe at Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga, saying although the town of Rehoboth is under his leadership through the ministerial representative, nothing has changed.
“Things should be better now that the minister is represented in the town, but people are still without sanitation and electricity. Is that the type of government you want to vote into power?” he asked.
Rehoboth has been without a council since March last year, after Mushelenga suspended the entire town council following reports of infighting and allegations of maladministration.
Venaani urged the residents to vote for PDM to change their lives for the better.
“We will lease out farms not for 99 years, but for 10 years and will ensure that you are trained to make sure you know how to farm and contribute to the local economy. We will assist the farmers with seeds and livestock and will do an evaluation and monitoring every 10 years to see whether they indeed contribute to the economy,” he said.
With PDM in power, Venaani said the bloated National Assembly will also be reduced so money can be saved, allowing citizens to benefit.
The meeting was amongst others also attended by PDM National Treasurer Nico Smit; the party’s regional coordinator, Lukas De Klerk and members of the central committee.