Four-year-old girl killed in shack fire in Windhoek

19 Dec 2013 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 19 DEC (NAMPA) - A four-year-old girl was killed in a shack fire in the capital on Thursday.
The incident occurred in Otjomuise’s Agtste Laan Area.
It is suspected that the fire might have been caused by an electrical fault inside the shack, and the child is thought to have run into a corner or under a bed for safety.
Relatives of the girl told Nampa at the scene no one was aware that there was a fire inside the shack. They also said they were not aware that she was inside the shack at the time as they assumed she had left with the other children to go to a nearby shop to buy sweets.
The Senior Superintendent of the City Police, Gerry Shikesho in an interview with this news agency on Thursday issued a plea to people to, in case of fires, call the fire brigade before they call the ambulance or relatives.
This would go a long way towards having emergencies such as fires dealt with swiftly.