Basson applauds UNAM for opening School of Geoscience at southern campus

13 Feb 2019 18:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 13 FEB (NAMPA) - //Kharas Governor, Lucia Basson has applauded the University of Namibia (UNAM) for moving the School of Geoscience to its Southern Campus in Keetmanshoop.
UNAM’s Southern Campus was established in 2014 and the university’s senate in 2017 approved the transformation of the Department of Geology into the School of Geoscience, which is to start operating from the Southern Campus this year.
The school has 14 staff members and 73 students, of which 36 are first year students.
Speaking at the Southern Campus’s commencement ceremony for 2019 here on Wednesday, Basson encouraged the geoscience students to study the geology of western //Kharas to advise the leadership in the region.
“Help us and most importantly, go into the rural areas, speak to the people there as they know the places better, and discover and study the stones and tell us what they are,” she said.
Basson spoke out against students who drop out before completing their studies and those who keep changing fields of study as this delays their progression to productive citizens.
The governor also denounced students getting financial assistance and then failing to attend classes.
“You are wasting your family’s money, the Government’s money and your own time as a young person who is supposed to be academically focused,” she said.
She went on to say that the blame is not only with the students who keep changing fields, but also on schools and universities that do not have proper career guidance programmes.
“Such programmes can guide our school-going children from an early age,” she said.