Mumbala warns defectors

10 Feb 2019 17:40pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 10 FEB (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party’s regional coordinator for //Kharas, Matheus Mumbala says the party will expel all members who have openly defected the party in his region.
Mumbala, who was speaking at the Swapo Party Youth League regional executive committee meeting here on Saturday, said members should have discipline, noting that party discipline is about loyalty, respect, trust and complete support of the party.
“You cannot be a Swapo member and yet continue to sympathise with either new or old political parties based on personal or even blood relationship. If it is your boyfriend or wife, leave them or divorce them, you cannot think with them,” he said.
He further said social media platforms were created for a good cause, but it is upsetting that people are using it to insult some of the senior party leadership including the Head of State.
“It is completely unacceptable. I was shocked to see on some of your WhatsApp groups and facebook pages how you criticise the leadership of the party as well as the president,” he said.
The regional coordinator pointed out that WhatsApp groups like ‘Swapo Party foot soldiers’ and ‘Swapo mature peace making’ are unconstitutional, adding that most of those involved in the groups are not part of the party’s structures.
“They want to lecture the party’s leadership on what to do and not what to do. To make it worse is when they want regional and local authorities to report to their groups,” he added.
Mumbala said there is nothing wrong if the youth criticise those leaders that are not delivering in terms of their duties, but insulting them and involving their personal life are not right.
Also speaking at the meeting was Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Veikko Nekundi who said the youth need to serve the party with purpose, vigour and determination, and not to serve it as a destructive agent.
He added that neither should they confuse progressive revolutionarism with destructive revolutionarism as the latter fall short of the key pillars of patriotism.
Nekundi said in 2019, there is “a little confused baby that has arrived”, referring to the Landless People’s Movement entering the political arena.
“I command that you deal with this little animal baby before it starts to know how to breathe. You have that duty to be vigilant and to act decisively to the benefit of our party. Don’t allow //Kharas to be breeding grounds for confused engineers of tribal politics. Guard against it, protect our One Namibia, One Nation,” he said.