Youth fearless in insults but fear productive things: Nekundi

10 Feb 2019 11:10am
KEETMANSHOOP, 10 FEB (NAMPA) – The Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Veikko Nekundi says the youth are fearless in insulting the president and leaders but fear engaging in what can bring economic development and eradicate poverty in the country.
Nekundi was speaking at the opening of the Swapo Party Youth League regional executive committee meeting here on Saturday.
Addressing the youth at the meeting, Nekundi said it is high time that they stand up and do something to bring economic and social development to the country and importantly to the //Kharas Region, adding their duty is not just politics.
“Remember your duty is not only politics; you are expected to bring about progressive changes for the society and region you are deployed to serve, your focus should be to advocate and bring about economic development for this great region and plan to fight poverty in this resource-rich region,” he said.
The deputy minister said the youth should now work hard to bring economic prosperity “as those old leaders cannot run around day and night anymore”. It is also their duty to tell the multinational corporations operating in the region that they must stop sub-contracting foreign companies.
He added that the youth should challenge these companies to develop programmes that will benefit the youth of the region economically.
“You are fearless to insult the president but you cannot confront and face these foreigners and tell them ‘we are here, give us the contract’. If you lack equipment go to the Namibia Development Bank for the equipment and do something. Confront them, ask them what is it that you do not have to clean a mine,” he stressed.
He said the region has great land where grapes and dates are produced but this does not benefit Namibians as everything is done by people from other countries and benefit their countries of origin with resources from Namibia.
“They come here and sweep out all the resources, Namibians do not benefit, even providing transport or supply chemicals to these businesses we cannot, we have a rich region like this but we are begging for bread,” Nekundi said.
He further said it will be shameful for those leaders elected for their term to come to an end, with poverty and mild economic development in such a rich region still prevailing, noting that leaders should hunt all economic opportunities for the benefit of the people.
“You are the ultimate engineers of success, you are the pillars of economic prosperity and the ammunitions to defeat poverty,” said Nekundi.