Erongo education director pledges to elevate region

08 Feb 2019 16:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 08 FEB (NAMPA) – The newly appointed Erongo Regional Education Director, Erenfriede Stephanus has promised to take the region’s education to greater heights by ensuring provision of the necessary quality services.
Stephanus who commenced her new role on 01 December 2018, made these remarks during her first regional address to the region’s school principals, Head of Departments and teachers, here on Friday.
“I have identified a number of areas which need to be addressed and we will do that collectively within the sector, in order to bring our region to the top again,” she stated.
The director noted that one of the areas of focus in order to improve the region’s performance in education, would be the appointment of teachers at schools in the region.
“I think we are failing our learners by appointing teachers who have not gone through an interview or even been approved by the education director and this needs to be addressed.”
She stressed that if teachers are not picked carefully, it could lead to poor performance in the region, adding that if need be, schools should head-hunt the teachers they need in order to avoid situations in which learners sit without teachers for months.
Additionally, Stephanus highlighted the region’s placement issue, alluding that parents should stop waiting until last minute to enrol their children.
“Despite the regional enrolment campaign which commences in June, some parents still wait until beginning of the following year to start enrolling their children in school, which becomes a challenge for the directorate when placing the learners,” she noted.
The director called for organisation and time management from principals, teachers and parents in order to avoid the issue of placement at the start of the school calendar.
Chief Regional Officer of Erongo, Ludmilla Doëses in a speech read on her behalf also vowed to ensure that the region’s education sector is assisted wherever possible, although it may not be able to provide all the necessary needs.
“I also urge you to continue exercising good governance in order to return the region to its glory days,” she said.