MTC clarifies boxing sponsorship deals

08 Feb 2019 07:40am
WINDHOEK, 07 FEB (NAMPA) – The sponsorship awarded to two boxing academies recently by the Mobile Telecommunication Limited (MTC) were given under clear, free and fair conditions, contrary to reports from disgruntled promoters.
MTC’s Corporate Communications Manager, John Ekongo, said during a press conference here Thursday that: “When we announced last year that we are going to sponsor Salute Boxing Academy and the Nestor Sunshine Academy, a lot of people became angry and went to the media to complain. I do not understand that.”
He added that the company is reinvesting into the public, saying that social investment is for social progression and if there are young people who need support to achieve or realise their potential or dreams through whatever sport or any other ways, they need to be supported.
“We will support a cause and a cause is always greater than an individual. If people did not get support, let them try again next time, for now they must prove that they deserve this help,” he explained.
Ekongo said MTC is proudly Namibian because of the support of every Namibian, hence the decision to support the same countryman who need help.
He added that social investment from a corporate entity rests on a number of pillars which resonate with what the brand wants and if the above does not respond to the strategy of the corporate, then they are entitled to reject such applications.
“The way we came to our decision was explained to all the stables who complained in the media,” he clarified.
The corporate communications manager, was responding to Anita Tjombe of Iron Lady Promotions, who was unforgiving in her assessment, claiming that the whole deal smells of corruption and questioned how Nestor Tobias continued to benefit from the sponsorship when he has proven that he cannot develop the sport.
Her views were echoed by Kinda Nangolo, who at the time said he felt the deal was unfair as it sought to crush other stables who were not considered at the time.
The disgruntled promoters felt that the sponsorship should have been spread equally across all the promoters.