Let’s rally behind Julinho: Mupiri

07 Feb 2019 14:40pm
RUNDU, 07 FEB (NAMPA) – Football teams and football lovers in the North-Eastern parts of the country must rally behind Julinho Sporting Football Club, so that it does not get relegated from the Namibia Premier League (NPL).
This call was made by the chairperson of the North-Eastern First Division (NEFD), Rudolf Mupiri in an interview with Nampa on Wednesday.
He explained that teams from this part of the country have for the past five seasons been relegated during the NPL and therefore need encouragement to remain in the league.
This is unlikely with teams from the Southern streams who make sure they remain in the league, he noted.
“The performance that Julinho is showing at the moment is giving us hope that if it remains consistent like that, it won’t be relegated,” he stressed.
The Rundu-based outfit gained its first promotion to the NPL in 2014, but were subsequently relegated during the 2015/2016 season and made a comeback to the top flight last year.
The chairperson expressed that his wish and that of the division is to see Julinho staying in the top flight division and for the winners of the upcoming new NEFD season to join them.
“As a team coming from the first division, it is an achievement seeing how Julinho is performing at the current stage and that is what we want from teams coming from this stream, for them to remain and compete in the premier league and not just to go and participate,” he emphasised.
The big test, he continued is coming on Saturday when Julinho take on African Stars who are also in good shape.
Mupiri further said the majority of the teams in the top flight league should not just be from the central or southern parts of the country but should comprise of teams that are competing from all parts of the country.
“So if our people support Julinho to remain in the top league; that is how our players from the stream are getting exposure because when they play in lower divisions their chances of being seen by the national scouts are limited,” he concluded.