Shaningwa’s directive defied as Rundu elects new mayor

07 Feb 2019 13:50pm
RUNDU, 07 FEB (NAMPA) – Isack Kandingu has been elected as the new mayor of the Rundu Town Council (RTC), defying Swapo Party Secretary General (SG) Sophia Shaningwa’s directive for the councillors to maintain the status quo.
The elections were held at the council chambers, filled to capacity, here on Thursday as per Shaningwa’s latest directive for the councillors to be elected and sworn in not later than Thursday.
Toini Hausiku was elected as the new deputy mayor, along with Anastacia Shinduvi-Foya as chairperson of the management committee and Mathew Wakudumo of the All People’s Party (APP) as the new member of the management committee.
Former mayor Verna Sinimbo and her deputy, Ralph Ihemba and Reginald Ndara from the Rundu Concerned Citizens Association remain ordinary councillors.
The proceedings were brought to a standstill when Ihemba nominated Sinimbo to retain her position.
However, Sinimbo’s nomination did not see any secondment from other members, forcing Magistrate Sonia Sampofu the call for a recess.
The council consists of five Swapo Party members and one each from the All People’s Party and civic group, the Rundu Concerned Citizens Association.
Only two members were elected for the management committee with the other spot remaining unoccupied as the councillors refused to nominate a final member.
In his acceptance speech, Kandingu said there should be unity among the councillors in order for them to work together and if anything goes wrong, they should sit and deliberate.
“We must be unified because hatred will never take us anywhere. I urge the residents of Rundu to be united and work as a team in our town of Rundu,” said Kandingu.
The election and swearing-in of the councillors was postponed on two occasions last year November, a situation that has brought the operations of the RTC to a standstill as there was no management committee to make decisions.