Telecom Namibia to suspend services to clients with unpaid bills

06 Feb 2019 13:20pm
WINDHOEK, 06 FEB (NAMPA) - Telecom Namibia will on 10 February 2019 suspend all overdue service accounts, thus advising all customers to pay their outstanding bills to avoid suspension of service that may interrupt their work.
A media statement issued by Telecom Namibia’s Head for Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Oiva Angula, says this will affect every customer who utilises its services but their account payments are not up to date.
He said the services to be affected include mobile phones, landlines and data services and the grace period for payment starts on Wednesday and will end on Sunday.
Defaulters, according to Angula, include government ministries, hospitals, educational institutions, State-owned enterprises, embassies and construction companies among others
“As we have said in the past, the suspension of services as a result of non-payment remains an agonising decision for Telecom Namibia, however, we take solace in the fact that we had spared no effort to collect outstanding debts amicably,” he said.
He further explained that Telecom Namibia constantly advises its customers to be punctual with their payments before the due date, so as to avoid incurring the monthly administrative fees for any late payments as well as reconnection fees when lines are disconnected.