30 Jan 2019 15:30pm

WINDHOEK, 30 JAN (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob on Wednesday directed the City of Windhoek to reinstate suspended Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise and City Police chief Abraham Kanime, and withdraw charges it laid against them with immediate effect.
This, according to Geingob is to allow for the smooth operation of the City, which has in recent time been characterised by “rigmarole suspensions”.
“I don’t have time to discuss. This (meeting) is not for discussions. Go back and reinstate Kanime. Suspend (and) remove the charges from the CEO (Kahimise). I am not a lawyer. Go and now doctor it. That’s opuwo!”, a clearly frustrated Geingob told the City councillors in one of his shortest speeches since taking office four years ago.
Approached shortly after the directive, Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua said Geingob had spoken and it was now up to them to implement.
“When the president of the country has spoken and has given you a directive, you just have to go and implement as the president has said,” Kazapua told reporters.
Asked if the president’s directive in any way interferes with the City’s operations or judiciary proceedings, Kazapua replied: “Obviously we are still going to go back and consult what the laws say. And then we will see whether it is in line with what the president said.”
When put to him how the charges against the two City officials could just be wished away, Kazapua seemed stunned and could not explicitly say if the investigations into the two would still continue.
“My friend, in the normal case, even if there is a court case, there is a time when people withdraw cases. This is not the first time and a gentleman’s agreement can also be reached,” he said.
He confirmed that both Kanime and Kahimise will be served with letters of their reinstatement and should report on duty on Thursday.
Kazapua could not say whether a precedence was now set at the CoW that if the president intervenes in their matters and gives an order, it should be adhered to.
“That we are going deal with when we cross that bridge,” he noted.
Kanime has 66 charges levelled against him.
Meanwhile, Kahimise is facing investigations by the City of Windhoek over a loan of close to N.dollars 170 000 paid for his studies, allegedly without approval from the council’s management committee.
Joseph Kauandenge, one of the City’s 15 councillors welcomed the directive, which he said was long overdue.
When quizzed if Geingob’s intervention would mean that Kanime and Kahimise who both face charges ranging from nepotism, gross negligence and graft would go unscathed, he said the councillors would need to wrap their heads around it and seek legal advice.