Murder case of alleged repeat offender postponed

26 Jan 2019 12:50pm
REHOBOTH, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – A 25-year-old man arrested for the murder of 28-year-old Harold Rooi in Rehoboth on 12 November, made his third appearance in the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court on Friday.
Sagaria Levi appeared before Magistrate Kandinawapa Nangombe on a charge of murder and his case was postponed to 13 February for further police investigations, with two witness statements and laboratory results outstanding.
It is alleged that Levi and his girlfriend were quarrelling. Rooi reportedly overheard the arguing while he was passing by their house with a friend and decided to go in and try to intervene. Levi then allegedly stabbed him in the neck.
He was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.
Levi already has one other charge of murder against him, for which he was out on bail.
Public prosecutor Victor Mutumbulwa who represented the State in the matter said granting bail at this stage would not be in the public interest as fears exist that he will commit a similar offence.
Levi was represented by Legal Aid lawyer Damian Vernon Esau and was remanded in custody until his next court appearance.